Today in 2003, the political system has still not been changed. As far as its roots are concerned, politics is still monopolar, legislation is marred by underlying deals while the political parties fail to consistently represent Hungarian interests. Even though the framework of state and government administration has been transformed, the network managing the country during the Communist years has retained its power. What we have had since 1990 cannot yet be considered as a real democracy, as there is no natural, competency-based selection in the economy, the media and the cultural life;these areas are still interwoven with a web of old political, business and kinship strings attached.

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary aims to complete the change of the political system and create a more just society than the current one.

The current Hungarian political sphere and society are shaped by the negative impacts of the depressingly long four decades of Communism as well as those of the liberalism dumped upon us after 1990. While the Communist regime was openly destructive of natural human communities, national identity, historical churches, local patriotism and families, today's network, under the aegis of a media-controlled multi-party political system, is making covert efforts to disintegrate them. The current political regime has given in to the globalism that subdues the entire world and provides enormous financial resources to loosen up our traditional values in order to create an ultra-liberal, so-called open society.

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary refuses to accept social injustice as an inevitable necessity, because we can and we must fight against it. We are aware of the imperfection of all worldly, human creations but we believe that we can build a society more just than the current one as long as there is a real, credible political will as well as the consistency necessary for its implementation. We cannot accept such a membership in a union that brings about a fatal mutilation of our national sovereignty! We cannot accept that there is light years of gap between the living standards of the rich and the poor! We cannot accept a political sphere subservient to the interests of private businesses instead of representing the interests of the community! We cannot accept a public discourse that sweeps under the carpet or veils by pseudo-debates such strategic national issues as population decline, the situation of the Gypsy community, the sellout of national assets as well as the tragic condition of our environment! We cannot accept laws that guarantee more and more legal security for criminals and provide less and less protection for honest citizens! We cannot accept the tragic demographic situation, the mental and health condition or self-destruction of the Hungarian society! Political parties remain idle and silent even though the existing unresolved issues demand action!

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary is a value-centred, conservative, patriotic Christian party with radical methodology.

Our party is a Christian, value-centred movement so the source of our words, actions and each element of our operation is our faith in divine laws and universal human values. As conservatives, we believe that human life possesses an inherent dignity and that the reason and purpose of all activities-including politics-is the preservation and handing down of this legacy. For us, these are the values that limit the room for a compromise necessary for daily political activities.

We believe that our nation cannot strengthen morally unless such improvement is based on the teaching of Christ, and we wish to employ our means as a political party to contribute to the accomplishment of this goal. Our Christian churches and communities shall have a key role in this renewal since they have proven for centuries, in good times and in bad, that they can serve as the final spiritual, mental and cultural strongholds of our nation. In our view, national identity and Christianity are inseparable concepts.

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary is a patriotic party, which lays its political foundations on the protection of national values and interests. That is why we confront the increasingly blunt effort to eliminate nations as the fundamental communities of human existence. In the age of globalism and consumerism, there is an increasingly pressing need to truly form a common nation with the Hungarian communities living in the territories torn away from us so that we could connect with them more closely and demonstrate the vitalizing force of national togetherness to the upcoming generations.

We want a better, more liveable country that ensures, promotes and incentivizes the spiritual, mental and material growth of the Hungarian nation in an increasingly tense and insecure world. Our vision of Hungary's future lies in the rediscovery of the retentive force of traditional communities: family, local community, churches and nation. In spite of being a party, we refer to ourselves as a movement because we surpass the limited scope of the conventional political framework in order to undertake a social and charity mission of value protection. We wish to cooperate with non-governmental organizations, trade unions, senior citizen societies and civic clubs.

Considering its methodology, Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary is a radical organization because we have been focusing on real issues and real solutions in terms of our political activity. We believe that the deep crisis of politics lies in the enormous gap between the words and the actions of political parties. Consequently, today's Hungarian political life is characterized by unfulfilled promises, turncoats, lies and corruption. Jobbik believes it is the party's duty to justify its words with its actions.

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary wishes to represent the entire nation.

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary has grown out of a youth organization founded by university and college students. Our interest in politics developed in parallel with the incomplete change of the political system. We have always identified with patriotic Christian policies, this is how we were brought up. We were disappointed to see how the parties founded after 1990 quickly burnt out, got corrupted and empty, turning their coats and deviating from their philosophical routes. The political class has regularly voted in unison against the Hungarian interests in national strategic issues. That is why we decided in September 2002 to go beyond the limits of a youth organization and step up to the national political arena so that we could reach out to people regardless of their age.

The post-Communist left, lacking any sensitivity to social issues, serves the interest of bankers and the elite class. In order to maintain its position in power, it uses its media monopoly to manipulate and abuse people with low living standards. The civic alliance on the political right has liberal roots and aims for an exclusive, monopolistic role, trying to forcefully integrate all independent national forces into its own organizational framework. Furthermore, it fails to represent the national interest in several strategic issues. The seemingly fierce clashes of the two sides are just a façade for the underlying monopolar, intertwined network. The evidence for this statement lies in the Communist past of both sides, their identical views on national strategic issues and their common, intertwined economic background. The gap between the visions of the centre-right and the Socialists is closing. There is a bipartisan yet monopolar political system developing right before our eyes, which we have always considered as a major threat.

The primary challenge for Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary is to remove the successors of the Communist party and the extremist liberals, who are inextricably entwined with them, from the political power. We wish to be the conscience of the current rightist government in Parliament. We want to show the nation's vision for the future, thus our political agenda will represent the entire nation. We feel obligated to represent the people for whom average living standards are but a dream;whose wages or pensions are barely enough to make a very modest living;who are less and less able to meet the challenges of an accelerating world and a consumer society, and are under a constant threat of social deprivation

Nowadays human egoism sets the course for the world. In order to create a more liveable Hungary, we must rediscover our common roots. We cannot become a strong part of the world as individuals, the only way to do so is to join our efforts. The future of the Hungarian community lies in whether we can truly become a unified nation in the next years and decades. Only a morally renewed Hungarian nation that thinks and acts in unison can find the right way that leads us and our successors to a better Hungary.

October 24, 2003

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary